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Tarpeian Rock

An Annual Literary Magazine

"Hinc ad Tarpeiam sedem et Capitolia ducit
aurea nunc, olim siluestribus horrida dumis."

                    --Virgil's Aeneid, VIII, l. 347-8
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The Resplendent Dawn of a Serene Future

Father Sun and Daughter Moon

The Secret of the Climbing Tree

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Father Sun and Daughter Moon

by Irene Walsh
    A long time ago, when the earth was young, everyone loved Father Sun. He was the source of all warmth and goodness in their lives.
    One day, Father Sun gathered up some star dust into a large ball and made beautiful Daughter Moon.
    He gently placed her in the sky near earth. She did not have her own light and warmth so Father Sun promised to always shine his bright light on her so that the people on earth would be able to see her beauty.
    Those on earth were very pleased to have Daughter Moon in the sky. Every night, all over the earth, people stood and looked at her beauty. Father Sun was exceedingly beautiful,
but no one dared to stare directly at him.
    Everyone was so happy to be able to endlessly admire Daughter Moon and the beautiful light that came from Father Sun and made her shine.
    Many years have passed. Countless songs have been sung to her beauty. There have been beautiful poems written in her honor. Artists have worked to capture her beauty on canvass and in marble. She even helps sailors get safely home.
    Everyone on earth well remembered that the light they can see shining from Daughter Moon is really Father Sun’s brilliant light. When they sing her praises, admire her great beauty, and talk softly to her in their prayers, Father Sun is immensely pleased. He created her for all of us. When we admire her, we are admiring him and the beautiful daughter he created.
    So it is with our prayers to the Holy Queen of Heaven, the Blessed Mother of God. Our Father in Heaven is immensely pleased when we remember to honor the beauty of the Queen of Heaven, our very own Mother of Mercy.
    She sang “my soul glorifies the Lord” because he had honored her lowliness and gave her his only begotten Son to care for while on his earthly journey to the Cross.

We fly to your patronage, O Holy Mother of God; despise not our prayers in our necessities, but ever deliver us from all dangers, O glorious and blessed Virgin.

Wife, mom to six, nana to 14, and a member of the Legion of Mary, Irene Walsh is also a grateful revert to the Church and a devoted daughter of the Blessed Mother. She lives in Owings Mills, MD, near Baltimore, and dedicates this story to her husband of 35 years, Jerry.

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