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From the State of Delaware

Nicholas C. Prata
(b. 1968)

Nicholas Prata was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1968. He lived in 11 homes and 5 different states before his senior year in high school, which was concluded in Delaware. He attended the University of Delaware and graduated in 1992 with a major in History and Political Science and a minor in Philosophy.

Mr. Prata completed his first manuscript following graduation and realized his dream of becoming a published author in 1997 with the publication of Angels in Iron. His second book, Dream of Fire, was published in 2001. Nick is currently a banker in Wilmington and resides in Bear, DE.

Excerpt from the novel Angels in Iron
Excerpt from the novel Dream of Fire

Nicholas C. Prata's author information from Arx Publishing.

From the State of Florida

Samuel E. Delgado
(b. 1962)

Samuel Delgado was born in Havana, Cuba in 1962.  His parents immigrated to the United States when he was seven years old.  Almost immediately following his arrival in the States, Samuel was introduced to the heroic world of comics.  Today, the self-taught artist attributes his love of fantasy and adventure, and his personal quest to portray the heroic in man/woman, as having been spawned from those early impressionable years of transition and adjustment, where the superheroes of the print and television media faced change and conflict head-on and conquered each new challenge through avid determination.

Today the search continues, as a renewed recognition of the arts as being his First Love taunt his perception of true purpose in life and dare him to commit his resources further to the arts. Mr. Delgado holds a B.S. in Construction Management and is currently employed as a Public Art administrator for one of the oldest public art agencies in the country. Mr. Delgado specializes in the heroic fantasy, science fiction and horror genres. He currently works with traditional mediums.

More samples of Samuel E. Delgado's work may be seen at

From the State of Massachusetts

Emily C. A. Snyder
(b. 1977)

Emily C. A. Snyder has spent her life as a traveller, living in New Hampshire, New Jersey and, currently, Massachusetts, with extended trips to Ohio, California, England and Austria. At a tender age, she was drawn to fantasy literature. Moving beyond ancient myths and classic fairy tales, she found to her dismay the prevalence of neo-paganism commingled with hostility toward Christianity in her favorite genre. Inspired by the memory of J. R. R. Tolkein, St. Thomas More, and others, Miss Snyder created the Christian Guide to Fantasy, an online compendium of reviews, and the literary e-zine, Tower of Ivory. Her credits include numerous award-winning poems in scholarly literary journals, short stories in both Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine and Sword and Sorceress Anthology XIX, as well as a forthcoming novel, Niamh and the Hermit.

When not writing, Miss Snyder is most frequently found in the theater, as playwright, director, and actor. She recently founded the All the World's a Stage Theatre School for middle and high school students. Miss Snyder also enjoys dabbling in opera and pen portraiture.

Short story The Poet and the Dragon
Poem Vendetta

From the State of New Jersey

Robert F. Kauffmann
(b. 1963)

Born in Willingboro, New Jersey, in 1963, Robert Kauffmann earned a degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University in 1987 and currently works as a software engineer. While still in college, he developed his own artistic style inspired by his academic background as well as the work of mathematician B. Mandelbrot and the graphic artist M.C. Escher. His designs portray visual paradox using mathematical structures as expressive tools. He has also produced two animated films: "Animated Shorts" and "The Masque of Ollock".

Mr. Kauffmann's career as a writer is comparatively recent. His first book, The Mask of Ollock,
is a self-illustrated fantasy epic poem based on his film. He currently resides in Cinnaminson, New Jersey.

Serigraph Magnetic City
Serigraph Octagon Limit
Serigraph Sunflower

Robert F. Kauffmann's author information from Arx Publishing.
Web site for the artwork of Robert F. Kauffmann.

From the State of New Mexico

John Cogan
(b. 1953)

John Cogan was born in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1953. He first learned the basics of oil painting as a youth from Midland, Texas artist Arnold Leondar. After moving to Houston in 1968, Mr. Cogan continued to study on his own, painting the landscapes of his native southwest that he had loved since childhood. He experimented with various media, finally concentrating on acrylic. John did not formally study art in school, but concentrated on math and physics. He attended Texas A&M University and Rice University, where he earned his PhD in physics in 1981. But his first love was always painting, and in 1982 he left his position as a geophysicist with an oil company to pursue art full time.

Mr. Cogan's artwork has received national acclaim and won numerous awards. Over the past few years, he has placed 12 paintings in the Top 100 of the Arts for the Parks competition and his work is on display in several public and private collections. His work has been featured in Southwest Art magazine and twice in Art of the West magazine. He has also written a number of articles on landscape painting and art technique. John Cogan currently resides in New Mexico with his family.

John Cogan's full biography from

From the State of Pennsylvania

George J. Galloway
(b. 1957)

Active in his community and especially in his parish, George J. Galloway is the founder of the Bucks County St. Patrick's Day parade. A former aide to a Pennsylvania state senator, Mr. Galloway pursued a career in public life before turning back to his love of history. He has traveled extensively doing research on sailing ships, the history of Baltimore, and the War of 1812. His first novel, The Powder Monkey, published in 2001, is a seafaring novel with a moral twist.

Mr. Galloway currently resides in Fallsington, Pennsylvania.

George Galloway's website for The Powder Monkey

Claudio R. Salvucci
(b. 1971)

Claudio Salvucci has authored three books on Philadelphia and Pennsylvania dialectology. He is the editor of the American Language Reprint series, a collection of early American Indian vocabularies. He holds an undergraduate degree in Biology from Haverford College, and his non-professional interests include hiking, music, and horticulture. He is also a composer and songwriter.

Claudio's published work to date includes the Laviniad, an epic poem in the classical style, and a regular opinion column for the Bucks County Courier Times. A traditionalist at heart, his writing touches on themes such as history, nature, love, and Catholic faith and theology. He has always had a profound admiration for science and technology as well as old school craftsmanship.

A native of North Philadelphia, Claudio now resides in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

Excerpt from the epic poem The Laviniad
Poem A Day of Creation
Newspaper Column Impractical Magic

Claudio Salvucci's author information from Arx Publishing
Claudio Salvucci's "I, Claudio" web site

From the State of Virginia

Maria Ciucur

Maria Ciucur started her artistic career more than 20 years ago in Romania. She went to art school and began by painting nature scenes and advertisements. Influenced by her husband, Valentin, and others, she started painting what was closer to her heart -- icons. Her work was soon appearing in the biggest art stores, galleries, and shows in Romania and Italy.

In 1998, Mrs. Ciucur came to the United States and her beautiful work quickly gained repute. Her icons may be seen in such celebrated locations as the National Cathedral and the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, and in many other cathedrals, galleries, and churches.

Mrs. Ciucur lives with her family in Alexandria, Virginia. Her uncle is a priest at the Holy Cross Orthodox church and helps her follow the religious discipline required to paint icons. She and her husband go there every Friday evening and Sunday morning to receive the blessing from Father George to continue their work.

Maria Ciucur's full biography may be read here.
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Maria Ciucur's web site: