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"Is not America already independent? Why not then declare it?"

Samuel Adams

Independence Hall, Philadelphia
Arx Publishing is happy to sponsor the Continental Congress of Art, an internet society to further the cause of American literature and fine art. Much like its namesake, the original Continental Congress of 1774, the Continental Congress of Art is meant to be a convocation of like-minded individuals to advance a cause of common concern. It is our belief that educational institutions and media outlets have not done enough to celebrate and propagate the great literary and artistic heritage of the United States. Focusing on the ugly, the banal, the crude, and the blasphemous, our cultural elites tend to treat classical American art with derision, when they pay any attention to it at all. As a result, truly fine art in America has often been stifled, discouraged, and declared irrelevant.

We believe that great art and literature do not spring fully-formed from nothingness—they must be grounded in an intensive study of what came before. It is our hope that this site will help build interest in the vast artistic and literary treasure trove of American civilization, as well as serve as a hub for new ideas and endeavors, with the common goal being the advancement of literature and fine art in the United States of America. We hope that
established writers and artists will use our America's Heritage site as a source of historical data, inspiration, and general information. We hope that neophytes and the curious will visit our Guide to Literary Form site to gain insight into under-appreciated literary styles and perhaps be inspired to try their hand at writing a sonnet or an allegory. Overall, we hope to play a role, however small, in a literary and artistic reawakening in the United States.

Call for Delegates

To date, our delegates hail from several eastern states, but we are eagerly seeking representatives from other regions. If you are interested in becoming a delegate, please view our submission guidelines. If you are accepted,
you will have a brief biography posted in our The Delegates section, along with samples of your work. If you have your own website which displays your work, we will gladly post a link or two. The idea is to help talented, like-minded individuals to network, build traffic on their websites, and otherwise generate interest in their work. There will never be any charge for this listing.

Please note that this effort is still in its infancy. If you notice that our site is not as well catalogued or comprehensive as you think it should be, keep in mind that this is very much a work in progress. In that spirit, we certainly welcome suggestions and constructive criticism from interested parties.

—The Editors

last updated: July 8, 2002