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Centurion's Daughter


Justin Swanton

Praise for Centurion's Daughter:

"The story has all the elements of a great novel about Rome: betrayal, intrigue, clashes of the political and social classes and even a power struggle among the aristocracy, slavery, conquest, and an amazing battle. The few illustrations in the book help the reader to understand some crucial scenes. The elements of Catholicism depicted in the story offer a glimpse at the Churchís importance during those times and its influence on politics and daily affairs. The author also mentions, through his charactersí conversations, key saints whose diplomacy aided in the unification of the Germanic tribes and the beginning of a new era. I highly recommend Centurionís Daughter to readers who fancy novels about ancient Rome."

"This was not a book dashed off and rushed to publication but something that had been lovingly labored over....First of all, let me say, I loved it....Aemilia impresses us with her compassion, sense of duty, generosity and willingness to work very hard with little to no gratitude, much less compensation. ...Strongly reinforced is that sense that in the smallest acts of good, and most humble of positions, no effort is wasted and even if the act goes unnoticed it fashions a character which cannot escape notice for long. I strongly recommend this book and would say it is appropriate for young ladies and gentleman 15 years and older and their parents of course. This would be a great Christmas gift, Confirmation gift for your Confirmandi or addition to a High School Curriculum."
óLatin Mass Network

"A well-written piece of historical fiction set in Gaul (France) when the Roman Empire was in its last gasps. It is a time period I know little about but was soon more educated in as Aemilia's story was told. Aemilia herself was an interesting character, reminding me more of Saint Monica than of the more common spirited, assertive female usually seen in today's historical fiction....I found Aemilia a most appealing character and the way of telling her story to be refreshingly subtle. In addition, the story seems carefully researched and the author brought this time period alive. Other characters in the book are equally well sketched with minimal description so that readers see the full gamut of personalities scheming to achieve their own goals while saving the little town of Soissons. I suppose one could call this a YA book but it held my interest the entire time, as any well-written book would regardless of intended age group. Highly recommended."

About the book:

Her Frankish mother dead, 17-year-old Aemilia arrives at Soissons in Roman Gaul in search of her Roman father whom she has never met. She knows only that his name is Tarunculus and that he is a former centurion. She finds an old man fixed on the past, attempting in vain to kindle a spark of patriotism in his countrymen.

Soon, Aemilia is caught up in her fatherís schemes to save the Empire and the intrigues of the Roman nobility in Soissons. In the war between Franks and Romans to decide the fate of the last imperial province, Providence will lead her down a path she could never have imagined.

Written and illustrated by master storyteller Justin Swanton, Centurionís Daughter is a thoughtful and compelling journey to a little-known period of history when an empire fell and the foundations of Christendom were laid.

About the Author:

Justin Swanton resides in Durban, South Africa with his wife. He has published a book of comic verse and a collection of plays for schools. His interests are Late Roman history, Church history, illustration and cartoon drawing, and games design. Centurion's Daughter is his first novel. He is currently working on a sequel.

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Below are some sample illustrations from Centurionís Daughter.


2011 ~ 336 pages
12 illustrations ~ paperback
978-1-935228-05-9 ~ $17.95
with 10% discount: $16.16

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The Battle of Soissons.
An insula in the town of Soissons.
Merovec and Aemilia at the
civic basilica in Soissons.
The dux Syagrius meets
with Lady Julia.
A Gallo-Roman soldier.
Aemilia comforts Tarunculus
in their meager apartment.
Lady Julia conspires
with Chlovodis.
The centurion Tarunculus drills
the Gallo-Roman recruits.

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