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The Lot Falls and One is Chosen

New Catholic novel explores God's mystical call in wartime Italy 

MERCHANTVILLE, NJ—In 1959, a German woman who survived a Nazi death sentence penned a beautiful Catholic novella about two young women struggling to understand God’s call. Now, just over fifty years later, that lovely story has been translated into English for the first time.

Leave If You Can is a window on a wartime world that only the oldest among us can remember,” writes translator Margaret Stevens. “I read and re-read the book over the years and found it fascinating.”

Originally written in German by Luise Rinser, Leave If You Can tells the story of Angelina and Giulia, two staunch atheists who join the Italian partisans to fight the occupying Germans during World War II. Though striving to bring about a communist revolution, Angelina, in particular, soon discovers that the Almighty has other plans for her.

After a bloody firefight, Angelina is injured and finds refuge in a bombed out Benedictine convent. With the war raging around her, she discovers a clarity and peace she had never known before by studying the ancient Rule of Saint Benedict. But when the war ends, Angelina must choose between the overpowering allure of the world and a vocation that she can no longer deny.

Written prior to Vatican II, Stevens feels the book has a powerful message for young people today. “The book portrays the call to holiness as a constant and shows God in action in the hearts of two zealous young people. Through it, a young person can experience those anxious days, appreciate the heroines’ dilemmas, and discover the timelessness of a call to live the Faith.”

Leave If You Can also presents the discernment of a vocation to the consecrated life in a positive and almost miraculous way. “I am certain it would encourage anyone seeking to know if their call was to the religious life,” says Stevens. “Its emphasis is on God’s choice, and it portrays admirably the fulfillment that comes only with a response to His call, whether to marriage or the religious life.”

Title: Leave If You Can
Author: Luise Rinser    Page Count: 156    Release Date: October 2010
ISBN: 978-1-935228-04-2    Binding: Paperback    Retail Price: $13.95

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