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New Catholic novel, Knight of the Temple, is a “rip-roaring success.”

19 year-old novelist publishes first book of the
Crown of the World trilogy
Nathan Sadasivan has just completed his sophomore year at Ave Maria University in Florida. At the age of 19, he has also published his first novel. A voracious reader, Nathan had been intrigued by the Crusades since his childhood days as a homeschooled student in Michigan. When 15 years-old, he began writing Crown of the World, a fascinating historical tale of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. At an age when many teenagers struggle to write a five page term paper, Nathan cranked out a 500 page epic that would become the Crown of the World trilogy.

A student of classical languages and literature and a devout Catholic, Nathan penned the first book of the trilogy, Knight of the Temple, with a clear nod toward his Faith. “I dedicated the book to my mother, to whom I owe everything,” Nathan writes, “and to Our Lord, to Whom I owe my mother.” And though his influences as an author are also informed by his Faith—Chesterton, Tolkien, and Lewis, among others—Knight of the Temple reads like a modern adventure novel, complete with an intricate plot, strong characters, and copious dialogue that breathes living souls into names and places long since lost in the mists of history.

And the book has already garnered accolades. Knight of the Temple was deemed “a rip-roaring success” by Professor Joseph Pearce, renowned Catholic literary biographer and author of The Quest for Shakespeare, The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde, and Tolkien: Man and Myth among many others. “A work of such accomplishment from a writer of such youth is simply astonishing,” Professor Pearce added.

Scott Jones, director of Our Lady of Victory Traditional Catholic Homeschooling called the work, “a vivid and enthralling tale of a forgotten Catholic kingdom,” containing “masterful swordplay, powerfully intense battles, deceit and treachery, and the emergence of the saintly Baldwin IV.”

About the Author:  Nathan Sadasivan, nineteen years old, began writing Crown of the World at age fifteen. He is now studying classical languages and literature at Ave Maria University in Florida. When he can escape from study, he lives with his family in Michigan and revels in the snow. He is a past winner of the Tarpeian Rock Young Writer's Contest.

Title: Crown of the World—Book 1: Knight of the Temple
Author: Nathan Sadasivan    Page Count: 296    Release Date: June 2009
ISBN: 978-1-889758-92-3    Binding: Paperback    Retail Price: $16.95

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